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To ask may bring momentary shame but to not ask will mean shame for a lifetime To ask may bring momentary shame but to not ask will mean shame for a lifetimeTo ask may bring momentary shame but to not ask will mean shame for a lifetime

PR / Staff

Joined Peach in 2013

  • Cabin Attendant
  • PR / Staff

Why did you choose this job?

I would like to fly Peach as a member of my peers who have a high level of passion!

The first time I found out about Peach was when I saw on the television news that Japan’s first LCC was about to be born. A new market entry into the aviation industry was unusual in itself and I felt appeal in creating a company and nurturing it from a zero beginning and joined as a cabin attendant. I was involved in in-flight duties and came into contact with passengers on a daily basis. I wanted to leverage the knowledge that I had acquired on Peach’s services and its destinations that I learned through that experience and the appeals and the challenges I had gone through because I was on the front lines and used the internal job posting system to go for a public relations position. There are many staff members at Peach with a lot of passion and individual uniqueness. Once “interesting” becomes a criterion for evaluation, we can present ourselves the way that we usually are without getting formal and we can work with a sense as if we’re with our family.

PR / Staff
PR / Staff

Please describe your work and tell us about its appeals and challenges.

An airline that can be known and loved

From crisis management that is unique to an airline (prompt announcements of major scale irregularities, etc., sorting through and conveying complicated information, etc.) to handling media interviews for the purpose of boosting people’s awareness level of Peach and planning and offering operational support for inaugural events, the scope of the job is broad and we work with all departments at our company. There is also a corporate culture here that gives us the freedom to suggest the things that we want to do. But it isn’t as if any suggestion is okay and the Peach style is “to always see things through to the end once we’ve decided to do them”. Interesting plans are raised because it’s an environment where freedom and commitment coexist. When a new route is being serviced we coordinate in advance over and over and make efforts in all sorts of ways to have them become aware of information on Peach effectively and to pay attention to it. It’s also the job of PR to arrange event venues and to invite reporters on event day. There was one time when I was assembling things like panels to be put up and a person at a PR company was surprised, exclaiming, “You do this much yourselves!?” (laugh) I feel that the best part of the work in public relations is communicating about a company that I love to external parties and spreading it.

PR / Staff

“Challenges comprising 90 percent” and “10 percent fun” are both rewarding

The challenge about this job is that because the things that I release as PR are accepted as official information from Peach it is necessary to pay attention to all the details without forgetting to check. Because it’s a business category where the lives of our passengers will be resting in our hands, even a single mistake will be a fatal mistake as information. We check text information like press releases and deliverables over and over with a keen eye. While a PR job may tend to appear flamboyant, 90 percent of it is actually made up of very understated tasks. Still, the remaining 10 percent is filled with appeals! For example, the main customers at Peach are women in their 20s and 30s, the same age as myself, so the ability to consider plans that leverage “a sensibility that’s as large as life”. Our PR people are also the main people who compile PEACH LIVE, a free publication issued by Peach and because there’s a high rate of freedom and we are often able to work on it with our discretion, we pour our passion into it each day while savoring the fun and the sense of responsibility.

PR / Staff

What are the things that are necessary for a Peach person?

Find the fun part of work

It’s “Whether you can find the fun part of work.” Even in our everyday routine work, it isn’t fun simply to take care of your tasks, do your duties as time goes by. It’s how you make it better and change it to make it fun that will lead to your growth. As Japan’s first LCC there are many things without precedent and a lot of things where we open up the way and move forward ourselves, and I think people who have the desire to find the fun part about the job and wish to enjoy it have what it takes to become Peach people.

Favorite motto

To ask may bring momentary shame but to not ask will mean shame for a lifetimeTo ask may bring momentary shame but to not ask will mean shame for a lifetime

Our words will become the words of the company. Because of that, it is the mission for a public relations person to communicate information that is accurate. To do that, we must understand everything from generic items to specialized matters that pertain to our operations. There are times when I bombard those who are senior to me with questions in order to clarify small doubts (laugh).