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I’m being tested when things get tough I’m being tested when things get toughI’m being tested when things get tough

Airport / Staff

Joined Peach in 2016

  • Customer Service Controller

Why did you choose this job?

I wanted to have another go at an airport.

I like working in customer service at airports and had previously worked at a company that handled it at Kansai Airport. I had continued working at the airport but had been away from it for a long time when I got married and had children. My children are older now and I wanted to work at an airport again and applied at Peach with the resolve that this would be my final job. I thought the company would grow rapidly as a forerunner for LCCs before I joined the company, and my image was that it was a company with traction. Because I’d been away from the work for a long time—20 years, I had uncertainties as to whether I would be able to flourish in a company that was set to grow. But from the time that I was hired I had an impression that it was (a company) that respected the individual uniqueness of people and it was aggressively hiring those who were full of appeal like enjoying making challenges, I was certain that I could leverage my previous experience and make new challenges. On the other hand, because Kansai Airport operates 24 hours a day, I was a bit concerned whether there would be early morning and late-night shifts, but my family understood and offered me encouragement.

Airport / Staff
Airport / Staff

Please describe your work and tell us about its appeals and challenges.

Becoming a bridge between passengers and relevant departments

I have two responsibilities: the handling of passengers and customer control at our Operation Control Center (OCC) where we oversee general operations. In handling passengers, my main duties are providing customer response and offering them guidance. Because most of our passengers check in by using the automatic ticket machines at the airport, there is relatively little in the way of ticketing at an airport check-in counter that you might think of at the mention of ground duties at an airline. I oversee the airport in general, so we have a smooth flow of customers until they board their flights. Things change for airport duties in a second and these are important tasks which are also accompanied by a role to make split-second judgments and to secure the safety of passengers in an emergency situation. There are also occasions when I help clean the cabins and offer other assistance to the cabin attendants the time is short between the arrival of an aircraft and its connection or when it looks like a delay is about to occur. Another important task that I have is to provide training to our ground staff, which is something that is directly related to the quality of service offered by Peach.
As for customer control, this refers to the management of passengers which also includes other airports, with the head office as a key station. My main duty is to compile briefing sheets summarizing information on customers, which includes requests made at the time of their booking and items that need to be checked, and to share these with relevant departments. I check the number of passengers after they’ve completed their check-in procedures and the number of items that have been checked in, and when any issues arise with our aircraft I seek solutions, summarize the time required for safety confirmation and other information and pass it on to relevant departments. It’s pretty hard work as all of these tasks have to be done within limited time frames (laugh).

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It’s my greatest pride to receive words of thanks from our passengers

While it’s tough that I often have to communicate with relevant departments within limited time frames, it’s very rewarding when the communication goes well, or we work together smoothly or when I anticipate how our passengers will be feeling and resolve their uncertainties by offering sincere explanations and they’re able to use our service in a comfortable manner. The other day, I approached a passenger who appeared to be having difficulty walking and asked them if they were all right and I arranged for a wheelchair and escorted her to her aircraft. She was scheduled to fly Peach again on her return flight, so I arranged ahead for a wheelchair and she was really delighted, thanking me and saying she hadn’t expected that I would have a wheelchair ready for her return flight. I feel very proud as a representative of Peach when I listen to the inner voices of our passengers which leads to these types of actions of caring in advance and they thank me.

Airport / Staff

What are the things that are necessary for a Peach person?

The will to improve without being satisfied with the present

The will to improve without being satisfied with the present. I think it’s a company where people who can gain a grasp of what’s going on now before they receive instructions and are active in pursuing their duties are able to flourish. Other than that, I think it’s the feeling to treasure teamwork, like “let’s all of us build things together!”.

Favorite motto

I’m being tested when things get toughI’m being tested when things get tough

Though I should have been familiar with the work because I’ve had previous experience working at an airport before joining Peach, there are times when I can feel that I’ve been away from it and get harried. But instead of getting depressed when things may not be going well, I try to look at it as a chance to grow and look forward. I think times when things get tough are opportunities to improve your skills.