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 It’s small efforts that make history.  It’s small efforts that make history. It’s small efforts that make history.

Aircraft Mechanic

Joined Peach in 2012

  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Aircraft Mechanic (Certified Staff)

Why did you choose this job?

I chose it because I can make challenges here. Developing new courses to take at Peach.

I’ve always enjoyed making things on my own. I majored in the design of underwater robots in our marine science department at our university but couldn’t completely give up my dream to become a mechanic and went to a vocational school for aviation mechanics after graduating. That was where I obtained specialized knowledge. I may have taken a somewhat long route but the knowledge on design that I studied at university is useful in my current work in some ways and I don’t think it had been a waste. The biggest reason why I chose Peach was because I felt that here at Peach, Japan’s first LCC, we would be able to take initiative to develop new courses to take. There are often rules that are already in place at major airlines where they tend to be geared toward stability, but I decided to join Peach anticipating that I would be able to take on various challenges and experience different things, armed with the experience that I had nurtured to date.

Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Mechanic

Please describe your work and tell us about its appeals and challenges.

It’s when our aircraft isn’t airborne that we’re tested.

While pilots shine when they’re flying, it’s when our aircraft isn’t airborne that we as aircraft mechanics can demonstrate our skills. We check aircraft and conduct maintenance prior to flights so our aircraft can fly safely, and we carefully go over each detail against our checklist when our aircraft return from their flights. We conduct nonregular maintenance if a fault is found and also conduct regular maintenance at a predetermined frequency, which includes the exchange of parts, even when no issues are present. We make it a rule to look at each part bearing in mind the responsibility of knowing that it’s our maintenance work that protects the lives of our passengers. Although the flight crew who navigate our aircraft are professionals at flying, they aren’t professionals in maintenance. We conduct maintenance bearing in mind a sense of tension and the awareness that we’re the professionals when it comes to expertise on the actual aircraft.

Aircraft Mechanic

The feeling of achievement at takeoff is a privilege granted only to us mechanics

We must perform maintenance work with a sense of responsibility for aircraft to operate on schedule, also bearing in mind our mission that the safety of our passengers depends on each and every part and bolt. It is in no way an easy job, and I don’t think there’s a single aircraft mechanic at Peach who feels that it is sufficient to simply get through their tasks. The tough part is the physical endurance that’s required. It’s an everyday occurrence that the weather will be hot or cold, and we often have to carry heavy items, not to mention work overnight shifts, so I’m careful about my physical condition. Because there are a lot of challenges I feel a great sense of accomplishment and it’s rewarding beyond anything else when the aircraft that I’ve worked on takes off safely or when I forge a trusting relationship with the flight crew in our communication as I hand over the flight log with details on the maintenance work. Also, I belong to the skiing and snowboard club at our company and it’s very refreshing to go to the snowy mountains in Hokkaido with my seniors!

Aircraft Mechanic

What are the things that are necessary for a Peach person?

Think and act on your own

I think I can say both as a Peach person and also as a professional aircraft mechanic that the most important thing is to think and act on your own. Being a new company, Peach offers an environment where people can go ahead and take on many challenges, even if they’ve just joined the company, and that includes work that you won’t often be able to do at other airlines, so those who would like to improve their own standards are a good fit for Peach. I think that you’ll be able to grow together with Peach if you give your all to do each of the things that you are able to do now. Let’s embrace the same ambitions and work up a good sweat together!

Favorite motto

 It’s small efforts that make history.It’s small efforts that make history.

That’s a line spoken by a certain robotic cat. I also feel myself that the steady accumulation of small efforts is what leads to great achievements. In maintenance work, the smallest mistake may potentially lead to grave accidents, so I make it a rule to pay close attention to what may appear to be the most trivial tasks.