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No More, No Less. No More, No Less.No More, No Less.

Corporate Planning / Staff

Joined Peach in 2013

  • Marketing Manager
  • Corporate Planning Manager

Why did you choose this job?

Enjoy Life Being Around Airplanes

I wasn’t really a type of person who was interested in the airline industry. But when I was living in England, I saw how often people flew LCC. I thought it would be fun to have airplanes be part of our everyday lives in Japan, too. I used to work overseas or for a foreign company in marketing, and wanted “to introduce products into Japan from overseas.” Then I became interested in “bringing Japanese services to the world.” That was another reason why I joined Peach. My home is far from Kansai Airport, but I found that there is no issue with the commute once I researched it. So I decided to join the company.
When I started working at Peach, it was hard because multiple projects were taking off at such fast speed. I’d never experienced anything like it. However, I can control my workload better now. I usually leave home earlier than my daughter in the morning and she always says good-bye to me from the balcony. But I feel happy that I can work from home once or twice a week so that I can see her off in the morning and be at home when she comes home from school.

Corporate Planning / Staff
Corporate Planning / Staff

Please describe your work and tell us about its appeals and challenges.

Creating Something New through Trial and Error

I transferred from Marketing to Corporate Planning at the end of 2015. I am responsible for developing business plans and coordinating the execution, administrating meetings such as a management committee, and helping with talks given outside of the company. When the company started, our routes were mostly between metropolitan cities, but we also fly to regional areas now. I consider multiple perspectives when evaluating new routes to add. I forecast the profitability of routes based on my own formula, which includes various factors such as the potential as a tourist destination, airport and weather, and political climate if it's overseas.
Just as when I was in Marketing, Peach does not have a lot of extra funds to outsource this type of work. We have to collect data on our own. There is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes. When I was new, people in other departments would lecture me because I didn’t even have the basic knowledge about this industry. But once I got to know the people, they were very helpful. I lose track of time when I am thinking about how to transform our new business or route plans from ideas into reality, or what we can do to make more customers love Peach.

Corporate Planning / Staff

Felt Employment Loyalty for the First Time

I always had special feelings about the products if I worked on marketing for them. But I never really cared about what I worked for as long as I was in marketing. But I began to really love Peach while I was engrossed in the work in front of me. When I see the A320 bravely flying in the sky, even in hard times, I think to myself, “this little kid is working so much harder than I am,” and it gives me more energy. When my daughter saw it surrounded by giant planes from other airlines at the airport, she said, “It looks like Mom.” That warmed my heart.
I became more and more interested in Peach as a company. Even after I transferred to Corporate Planning, I wanted to contribute beyond my job responsibilities. I want to do more like performing PDCA after starting new routes and helping expand our non-airline business. For that, I need to learn a lot and build more skills, but I enjoy doing that, too.

Corporate Planning / Staff

What are the things that are necessary for a Peach person?

To take action

To take action. There is a lot to do at Peach because we are still growing. It is important to develop strategies, but nothing will start or get done if we don't take action. When I look around, there are a lot of active and energetic people at work and in their private life. Some like to play hard, some like to eat. I know a lot of people who like to travel, of course. I think that is important in understanding our customers.

Favorite motto

No More, No Less.No More, No Less.

When I am happy, I don’t hide it. But I try to have a cool head with a passionate heart. I try to see and accept the essence of things without misjudging the situation in front of me. You can get through anything as long as you stay calm and focused. When I feel stressed, I talk to my coworkers about the issue to release my stress. Once I feel better, I seriously try to focus on solutions.