Peach Aviation RECRUIT SITE



What type of image do you have when you think of Peach as a company?

It has introduced the concept of “flying trains.”
It challenges the conventions of the industry.
It’s cute, familiar, and interesting.
Maybe these are the types of images that come to mind.

But the work that is done by the staff, who produce these images for the world,
are down to earth and subdued in nature.
Also we are stubbornly particular about safety.
Placing safety as our number one priority while considering
how to make our passengers happy with our limited resources,
how to achieve greater heights, how to continue to
break through the existing conventions of the aviation industry,
and having the staff work as one and evolve to overcome adversities.
These are the realities faced by Peach.

To date, the Peach story has been a series of challenges.
We have an increasing numbers of peers
who are setting out on adventures with us, a greater number of aircraft,
and more destinations that will set the stage for our story.
Together with our peers, we are determined to generate innovation in the skies over Japan and Asia,
expanding our stage everyday.

Since the establishment of Peach,
we have seen that the passion from each and every one of us moves the world.
Although opportunities are always accompanied by obstacles,
Peach will continue to evolve as a company moving forward.

No Passion, No Peach.

Are you ready to take on a serious challenge?

A flight full of respect
for everyone