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Never forget how I felt when I first began Never forget how I felt when I first beganNever forget how I felt when I first began

Cabin Attendant

Joined Peach in 2012

  • Cabin Attendant
  • Chief Purser
  • Trainer

Why did you choose this job?

I wanted to change the person I had been in the past.

I’ve always wanted to seek a career where you aim to satisfy your customers. Among them, I had particular longings to become a cabin attendant and one day, an acquaintance introduced me to someone who worked at Peach. I learned that its corporate philosophy was to have a united front of its employees in aiming to become an airline with completely new ideas that had never been seen before and that the corporate culture allowed employees to become deeply involved with the company. I was told that it offered “a really interesting environment where you could understand the growth of the company through your own experience” and my desire to become a cabin attendant for Peach became stronger and stronger. My previous job was in sales and I thought the attitude that I’d learned to offer hospitality and the best services to your customers would also be useful as a cabin attendant, so although it was a career change from a different industry, I decided to be bold and to make a challenge.

Cabin Attendant
Cabin Attendant

Please describe your work and tell us about its appeals and challenges.

In-flight announcements in dialects are a form of communication.

I currently work not only as a cabin attendant but also in office administration as a specialist who oversees improvements in the quality of cabin duties. I’m responsible for the comprehensive execution of safety and provide follow-up duties for other cabin attendants when I’m on flights as a cabin attendant. Some examples are safety checks like ensuring that passengers have their seat belts on properly, confirming that all doors for storage units are locked, and assisting elderly passengers and helping passengers who require assistance. As a unique method of communication at Peach I sometimes greet our passengers in the dialect spoken at our destinations when I make in-flight announcements. It’s very gratifying when passengers who heard the announcements thank me in their dialect. As to duties at the office, I’m responsible for disseminating information that’s updated daily to our cabin crew, for example, providing them with training and telling them about initiatives aimed at improving customer satisfaction. It’s very moving to think that after joining the company with no previous experience, I have now been given a position where I train our junior cabin attendants.

Cabin Attendant

For both passengers and colleagues—making serious efforts on initiatives that will tie in to the greatest pleasure.

The tough thing about the duties of a cabin attendant is that you’re expected to act instantly. In our job where unexpected situations occur, you have to be prepared to act flexibly to thoroughly secure passenger safety. You need to have an attitude in setting out for daily flights with a sense of responsibility that judgments I make each moment will tie in to the lives of our passengers. As to my work as a specialist, it’s not only about conducting research on proposals and countermeasures for quality improvement but also includes the tough aspect of accurately conveying that information to our cabin attendants it becomes a shared awareness. It can be tough to perform my daily flight duties and also handle the office work but because there’s an environment where I can leverage my capacities for planning and making proposals that I developed in my previous work in sales, it’s very gratifying. What’s appealing about Peach is that we’re able to come up with ideas to find measures in aiming to become a better company and we can be aggressive in making suggestions. It really makes me happy to see glimpses of the way that these things tie in to the joy and satisfaction of my colleagues and our customers.

Cabin Attendant

What are the things that are necessary for a Peach person?

Enjoy your work

Peach is a company that has a culture where you can face your work in a fun way. Even if your job is a lot of hard work, the first thing to do is to enjoy it. If you enjoy your work you develop a desire to make new challenges and there’s a boost in everyone’s morale, which has good impact on the people around you. Also, Peach is a company that thinks highly of the values and the ways that each and every one of its staff thinks, so there’s always room to grow if, instead of simply doing what you’re expected to do, you’re equipped with a sense of inquisitiveness to make new challenges and you have a spirit of challenge.

Favorite motto

Never forget how I felt when I first beganNever forget how I felt when I first began

The first time that I worked as part of a crew on Peach, I saw that each of our passengers had chosen Peach, trusted it, and flew it with various feelings. I tell myself these words so I won’t forget about the things I felt on my first flight. I make it a rule to make every effort to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our passengers in order to answer to the expectations of those who fly Peach each day.