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Accepting everything Accepting everythingAccepting everything

First Officer

Joined Peach in 2014

  • Pilot Trainee
  • First Officer

Why did you choose this job?

It was a moment when I found something that I could really get into

I majored in physics at college and spent my days focusing on soccer as my extracurricular activities. It was when I was pondering my career path when the time came for job-hunting activities that a relative who was an operations crew prompted me to decide to study aircraft. As I proceeded to study I became enthralled by the appeals of aircraft, made up my mind that I would take the responsibility of an operations crew member who is entrusted with people’s lives as my career choice, and proceed to an aviation university. And after obtaining my license at the aviation school, I joined Peach as a new graduate. The major reason why Peach had been my final choice was the impact of my interview. While airlines are often seen with a hard image, like “This is the way that pilots should be!” but Peach didn’t have a strict, formal image like that and it gave me an impression of a company where it might be comfortable for me, a person who is not very good with formal atmospheres, to work in. After joining the company, I really feel that it’s a company where communication is smooth and it’s comfortable to work here.

First Officer
First Officer

Please describe your work and tell us about its appeals and challenges.

Overcoming the challenge and becoming an A320 copilot

The road to becoming an operations crew is very tough and after joining the company as a trainee we obtain another license that’s necessary for our work over a period of approximately six months. During our time as trainee we not only study for exams and receive training but also offer customer guidance at airport terminals. There are barely any opportunities to talk directly with passengers once we start flying as operations crew. But because of the chance to work with customers during this period, I was able to gain hands-on experience on how our passengers look and how they feel as they fly Peach. Even now that I have become a co-pilot, I work while thinking about the faces of our passengers.
Operations crew have a tough job where they are not only responsible for overseeing operations; they are also required to have the insight for considering flight plans and they’re also expected to have the ability to make decisions. We have discussions with the people who oversee operations and with the captains, select the best plans for safe, comfortable flights, and determine the volume of fuel and route details while considering various standpoints such as the weather, atmospheric conditions, airport conditions and set out to do our jobs based on that.

First Officer

We consider multiple flight patterns that are safe and comfortable

As flight conditions constantly change, it is important to consider and anticipate plans. How to fly safely, comfortably, and efficiently—I anticipate all types of conditions starting on the day before a flight and make it a habit to make multiple simulations of the patterns for speed, altitude, and rotations. It isn’t just flying; as long as I’m a member of the operations crew I’m partial to the quality of our flights. It’s a lot of work to always be alert to “radars for my concentration” and to prepare and think about unexpected situations while flying, but I consider this to be the best part about flying that’s possible to experience because I’m a member of the operations crew. I’m filled with a sense of achievement when we fly exactly as I anticipated, like “Yes!” Though it may be self-satisfaction, I think this job is really worthwhile.

First Officer

What are the things that are necessary for a Peach person?

Adaptability to be able to respond flexibly in a new environment

Adaptability to be able to respond flexibly in a new environment. It’s still a new company that’s in the process of growing and as our destinations steadily increase in number, we won’t be able to continue to stick to the way we’ve done things to date. But because of that we’ll never be bored with our work and I think that’s what’s appealing about Peach, that we can always face our jobs with a fresh feeling. I feel that together with a growing company, I myself must continue to grow. Because Peach is a company for the future, I’d like to work with people who can take on their work with an aggressive stance.

Favorite motto

Accepting everythingAccepting everything

While flight plans are important for operations crew, there are many different patterns for the person compiling them and there’s really no right answer. Because of that, I make it a habit to accept all ideas that are different from mine. Peach has many operations crew with various backgrounds including its veteran captains, and I would like to continue to learn from those who are senior to me and increase my knowledge.