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The Journey Is Just As Important As The Destination. The Journey Is Just As Important As The Destination.


Joined Peach in 2014

  • Captain
  • Instructor Pilot

Why did you choose this job?

Career development as an airline captain at a Japanese LCC

It has been a goal since childhood to become an airline pilot. After establishing my career as a pilot in Australia, PNG and Japan, I discovered that a new airline based on the LCC concept had been created in Japan and thought it would be good for advancing my career and decided to take on the challenge. I currently fly as a captain and am also a member of the Training department. The opportunity to become a flight instructor was a little unexpected, however I thought it was an excellent opportunity to show my gratitude toward Peach for the chance to fly new aircraft with an airline enjoying a strong period of growth.
Peach is still less than 10 years old and its size is still relatively small which enables changes to work practices to be made quickly providing it meets the company core philosophy of safety and efficiency. I feel the challenge for Peach will be to maintain this speed and simplicity of decision making as the company grows larger.


Please describe your work and tell us about its appeals and challenges.

Experience is indispensable for making decisions during operation

Operational safety is our primary responsibility, however it is also important to comply with company policy, aviation law and other regulations. The greatest challenges occur when facing operational decisions that require interpretation of regulatory requirements and are not clearly black and white in nature. The company provides a good network of support with the dispatch and maintenance departments always available to assist the flight crews.


An international company in the true sense of the word

As a foreign employee, I have always found other staff members friendly and social. Many of the managers have experience working for airlines in different countries and as a whole create a very inclusive environment.
As a country, Japan has a reputation of being a very hierarchical society, however this atmosphere does not exist in Peach. All employees are able to speak freely and frankly for the continued improvement and advancement of the Peach brand.
The company provides consideration to the international nature of its flight crew by providing commuting rosters as an option and travel allowances which permit a choice between residing in Japan or our home country.


What are the things that are necessary for a Peach person?

Have a flexible approach to your duties

As Peach is an LCC, I think it’s necessary to have a flexible approach to your duties. The time interval between connecting flights is often short so we sometimes assist cabin attendants clean the cabins and are occasionally assigned unexpected duties in much the same manner as when I worked as a pilot in general aviation in the early stages of my career in Australia. People who aren’t bound by conventional methods and ways of thinking and are adaptable are the best match for Peach.

Favorite motto

The Journey Is Just As Important As The Destination.

While we tend to focus only on our ultimate goals (destination), it’s easy to forget about the journey. I think we should enjoy each and every day of our journey throughout our life.